Spring concert of Brass and Concert Bands – Courtyard Theatre, Hereford – Tuesday 1st May

Music in Herefordshire schools is now run by Encore Entreprises who took on the Herefordshire Music Service. Do look at their web-site to understand all that they do to bring music to our young people and help them to make music.

We attend this concert to hear the Intermediate Concert Band, The Herefordshire Youth Brass Bands, the Junior Concert Band and, finally and quite spectacularly, the Herefordshire Youth Concert Band playing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, written to celebrate the  victory of the Russians over the French in that year. It contains pyrotechnics and other crashes and bangs which, in this performance, were not held back. The orchestra played as if it happened all the time. Just great. All the orchestras were of a very high standard. There were a lot of proud parents there.