The Declaration of David Price as High Sheriff of Powys – Saturday 21st April

Laura and I attended the declaration ceremony of David Price as High Sheriff of Powys at the Strand Hall in Builth Wells. Each Bailiwick does these ceremonies a little differently but all require the incoming High Sheriff to swear an oath written in English that is not entirely clear. Before I was swore my own oath at the Herefordshire ceremony on 13th April, Laura and I had attended the Declarations of Rhoddy Swire as High Sheriff for Shropshire, Cassian Roberts for Worcestershire and Charles Martell for Gloucestershire (so al our neighbours except Gwent).

The outgoing High Sheriff of Powys, Susan Thompson, reflected on her year in office. His Honour, Judge Richard Twomlow addressed us on our ancient office and the new High Sheriff responded and talked about his hopes for the year.

At the end, a member of the audience stood up, microphone in hand and burst into song. Then another. Then another and finally the new High Sheriff himself. These were the Young Farmers with whom David is much involved. The High Sheriff of Shropshire, Rhoddy Swire was also there with Georgina, his wife and we reflected whether this should be a tradition that we should introduce to our Counties. The jury is out.

We were treated to an excellent lunch afterwards.