The Lone Piper

Armistice Day began with Lone Pipers in Towns and Cities playing at 6am to commemorate, on this day 100 years ago, the signing of the Armistice in a railway carriage in the Forest of Compiegne, not far from Paris and far behind the front line in Allied Territory. This link tells more of how the Armistice came into being. It was actually signed, it seems, soon after 5am Paris time, to come into effect at 11am Paris time. It is dreadful to contemplate that soldiers were being killed right up to that deadline.

About 30 people, led by the Mayor of Hereford, assembled on Castle Green in Hereford to hear the Piper play the official tune for the occasion followed by a number of well known WWI tunes. The rain, which relented later in the day, lashed down, creating a sobering atmosphere.