Visit to the Hereford Academy, Year 7 and 8 Assembly

Bob was invited to visit by the Principal and CEO of the Academy, Mr John Sheppard on Tuesday, 4th March.  Mr David Carter, Head of Years 7 and 8 took Bob to the Assembly Hall where Bob spoke to the students of Years 7 and 8.

He gave a short history of the role of High Sheriff and its relevance in modern society.  He pointed out to the students that the history of this country afforded them opportunity of choice and that they were in a privileged position in being taught by dedicated teachers in a magnificent facility.  As usual, the Court Dress drew the attention of students and teachers alike.

Following his speech, Bob was interviewed by three students in the guise of journalists about his role for the student newspaper before being shown around the  Academy by one of the students, Catherine Sheridan and David Carter.  He spoke to a number of students and staff and was very very impressed by all those he spoke to.