A night with the Hereford Street Pastors – 27th October 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

The night life of Hereford was an eye opener for us both, with the added excitement of Halloween. We arrived for our briefing at 20:30. We were all going to finish at about 3:30 in the morning. However, when we left, just before the rest of the team, we saw a situation that kept us there until after 06:00 and the rest of the team until after 7:00.

We were told that is was an unusual night. I fear that it may have not been that unusual. We saw two teams of people - the Street Pastors on the Street and the Lean on Me team back at the haven - put into practise a mixture of professionalism and humanity, inspired by their Christian Faith. It is a sad reflection on human nature that their services are required. They most certainly were and a number of people would have been in serious trouble without their intervention. Since an essential element of what they do is confidentiality, it would not be right to go into any detail.

These people are saving lives and preventing terrible abuse.

These teams operate under the banner of Vennture. Here is a link to their website. Please support them - with money or consider becoming a volunteer. Young people who can relate to those who find themselves in a pickle are especially welcome.


A night with the Hereford Street Pastors – 27th October 2019