Day Five – CADETS


By 2020 Tricia Thomas

Day Five of #ArmedForcesWeek and today’s theme is CADETS

The MOD sponsors and supports the 4 cadet voluntary youth organisations, namely Army Cadet Force, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Sea Cadets Corps and the Combined Cadet Force.

Currently the Cadet Forces support over 130,000 young people in more than 3,000 locations across the UK, where cadets learn life and career building skills as well as gaining vocational qualifications.

In Herefordshire, all cadet forces are represented providing great opportunities for our young people aged 13-18 years.

Hereford Sea Cadets @HerefordSCC

The Combined Cadet Force is currently operational in 3 schools in Herefordshire – Whitecross Hereford, Hereford Cathedral School and Lucton School

None of these organisations could function with out the dedication of the Cadet Leaders who voluntarily provide their time and expertise.