Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 21: Jonathan Bland.


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 21: Jonathan Bland.
Brimming with enthusiasm - have a listen to Jonathan talk about his jam-packed life. Voluntary work at Leominster Foodshare and so much more, including tips on cooking, how to give up single use plastics, knitting, changing waste policies at school, community initiatives, leading an international church group, Herefordshire challenges and of course three top tourism tips. Hear about when the ducking stool was last used to punish Jenny Pipes (a nag and a scold)!
Our bench is a low stone wall outside the beautiful Leominster Priory on a misley, cold January afternoon.
Jonathan will raise your energy levels so have a listen on any podcast platform. Search Jo Hilditch - Bench Talk.