Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 19: Andy McInnes


By 2021 Joanna Hilditch

Podcast Bench-Talk: Episode 19: Andy McInnes.
Part of the Building Better Opportunities – a Landau initiative – Andy has suffered from mental health problems over many years, culminating in the sad loss of his wife Helen two years ago. He talks about the stigma he has found talking about his mental health and his anxiety, particularly as he was left to bring up two boys on his own, planting a tree in Helen’s memory and now his restorative work at Queenswood with the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust. This started as volunteering and has now turned into a job and his self-confidence is slowly returning – the Building Better Opportunities initiative certainly has for Andy.
Our bench today is in Queenswood under the tree which is in Memoriam for Helen although I have to admit to the rain pushing us indoors for the interview which is why we are in an echoey office!
Tourism tips are all about the big outdoors.
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