SSAFA AGM – 4th April 2019


By 2018 Nathaniel Hone

This will be the last entry from this High Sheriff as the baton is passed to the next High Sheriff, James Hervey-Bathurst, tomorrow night. I attended the 2018 SSAFA AGM a couple of days before my declaration so I am starting and finishing with this event. It is a perfect sample of what we have seen during the year. So many people doing so much for others in need for little to no reward.

Stephen Richards, acting director of Client Services at the SSAFA Central Office, addressed the meeting. It is clear that the Herefordshire branch of SSAFA is seen as a shining beacon of what a branch should be, thanks to its leadership and volunteers. It was also good that Stephen himself is clearly so dedicated to the job. There is much to do to look after veterans and their families. "Veterans" implies old people but there are plenty of young people too, recently leaving the armed forces who need their help too. There are many in Herefordshire and not all are known to any organisation, amazingly.

The Branch is in good heart and was warmly praised by Lady Darnley, Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire, who is the Branch President and a fervent supporter of their work.

Some long service awards were presented. One was for 30 years service.

SSAFA AGM – 4th April 2019