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Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet Awards Evening – 7th March 2019

The Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire has four cadets assigned to attend events and generally help out on special occasions. The assignment lasts for a year and is a special honour for those chosen. The Cadets will find themselves at the heart of royal visits, important ceremonial events in the County, and the myriad of causes […]

Creating a Happier & Heathier Herefordshire – 6th March 2019

This was a meeting of people to “blue sky” think about what the future of the County could and should look like in the longer term. In many ways it was utopian and did not take into account how varied are our human species. On the other hand, without such dreams, humanity would not advance […]

Tour of Herefordshire Cathedral School – 6th March 2019

Two very bright Hereford Cathedral School scholars gave us a tour of the school that sits in the block bound by Castle Street, Ferrers Street, East Street and the Cathedral Close. It has buildings elsewhere but much of the school is to be found here in what seems, from the outside to be quite a small […]

The First Light Charity – 6th March 2019

A new charity has arrived in Hereford, supporting those who served in the Armed Forces or Emergency Services suffering from depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or other mental issues. It is odd that there are many charities raising money for these causes but few providing this sort of service. A crucial aspect of what […]

Talk to the University of the Third Age, Bromyard – 5th March 2019

Members of the University of the Third Age (U3A) were entertained by or subjected to a lecture by the High Sheriff on the history of the Office of High Sheriff and what it means today. It was received politely so hopefully it achieved the better purpose. It was fun preparing for it. I just hope […]

Visit to HMP Long Lartin – 5th March 2019

I joined the High Sheriff of Worcestershire on our second visit during the year to HMP Long Lartin, the Category A (highest security) prison near Evesham. Last time we did not meet any prisoners and there had recently been some very unpleasant incidents. As noted from the previous visit, a high security prison contains individuals […]

Marches Rugby 7s Tournament – 4th March 2019

Hereford Cathedral School hosted this event down on their playing fields beside the Wye. It was unkind of the River Gods to make this one of the few drizzly days that we have seen in the last month or so. It meant that mud was plentiful. These days, players not actually playing wear quilted garments […]

Pencombe Big Breakfast – 3rd March 2019

One could get used to these Big Breakfasts though not good for the fit of the High Sheriff velvet. This one was organised by the Pencombe Young Farmers Club. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This view deserves shrieval support. we certainly absorbed enough calories to last the rest […]

Royal British Legion Branch Dinner – 1st March 2019

Not strictly a High Sheriff event but important, this was the branch dinner of the Little March and District Royal British Legion held at Ledbury Rugby Club. Last yea’s dinner was snowed off so a lot of people came this year to a dinner where starvation was not going to be a problem. Indeed, much […]