Visit to the Hope Family Centre – 11th July 2018

The Hope Family Centre in Bromyard rolled out the carpet for us and we met almost the whole team who cover a very wide range of activities. The list below has been copied from their web-site and clicking on one will take you to the relevant page.


They are improving lives, some of which come from a dark place. Please support them. Here is how.

The NHS 70th birthday celebration and service of thanksgiving – 10th July 2018

Happy Birthday the NHS. It is now woven into the fabric of Society. Few can remember how it was before. It is not without its problems, as one might expect from such a large organisation but today was one of celebration. We learnt about its birth in 1948. We learnt about the relationship between doctor and patient then and how this has changed over the years. We had a reading from Ecclesiasticus in praise of heath workers and God given medicine. We heard a story of the Good Samaritan from the Gospel of Luke, himself described by St. Paul in the Epistle to the Colossians, as a physician – one who heals. We heard Imam Sohayb, from the Craven Arms Mosque, describe the emphasis that Islam puts on heath and the wellbeing of the human mind and body and that the body needs spiritual nurture.

The service sheet listed some facts about the NHS countrywide and in Herefordshire. The first was that the NHS treats more than 1.4 million patients a day. The other facts lead off from that staggering figure. It is a formidable challenge that is never complete. Thank goodness that illness is not a financial worry for individuals on top of their illness.

The Royal British Legion County Rally 2018 – 8th July 2018

The Parade started at the bottom of St. Owen’s Street and marched past the Town hall where they were joined by the Lord Lieutenant and Civic Dignitaries and proceed to St. Peter’s Square for a service where the Union Flag and Standards were laid upon the Altar. The Revd. Andy Morgan, Rector of St. Peter’s, gave the sermon reminding us of the sacrifices made by others for our freedom.  We then processed from the church to the War memorial outside where the Lord Lieutenant and others laid wreaths before the Lord Lieutenant took the salute as the Parade marched down to the end of St. Owen’s Street.

One  might have wished that more people took an interest given the seriousness of the occasion. Peace is what we all seek but needs guarding and sacrifice to be maintained.

Herefordshire Armed Forces Day – 30th June 2018

Leominster Town Council hosted the Herefordshire Armed Forces week culminating in a day of activities with military stands and stalls, marches, drills and displays, vehicles (this HS liked these a lot) and more.

Patrick Wrixon, representing Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire took the salute at a march past. The sun shone and it was well attended. To my regret, I had to leave before the Lancaster bomber fly past. Judging by subsequent reports, the bomber flew a very circuitous route to fly over a number of towns on the West of England and over Wales.

Herefordshire Armed Forces Week Charity Concert in the Priory, Leominster – 29th June 2018

On the eve of Armed Forces Day, Leominster hosted a concert that featured the Herefordshire Junior Youth Choir, Keri Hoffman (a magnificent Leominster born voice), the Marches Military Wives, the Three Tenders (great name for three members of the Hereford Rail Male Voice Choir), and the Leominster Community Choir (the Mayor of Leominster slipping from her seat to join them). We all joined in at the end to sing “It’s a long way to Tipperary” & “Pack up your Troubles”.  The Priory is still standing.

Funds were raised for the Allen Lewis VC memorial fund, whose statue was subsequently unveiled in Hereford and for the 151 Squadron Marching Band fund.


The High Sheriff of Gloucestershire’s Garden Party

All the current High Sheriffs have been lucky to have such wonderful weather and the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire was no exception. Again, the neighbours were asked to join the party and meet another group of people dedicated to doing good in their community.

The High Sheriff of Worcestershire’s Garden Party

In glorious sunshine, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire held a party for the people who make Worcestershire work as a County. He was kind enough to ask his neighbouring High Sheriffs along. It is a great opportunity to meet others involved in civic duties, law and order and the other services that are essential to a community. There is always something to learn from the ways others do things.

Armed Forces Flag Raising Day – 25th June 2018

This is an important part of the acknowledgement of the importance of our Armed Forces and the bravery and dedication of its members, leading up to Armed Forces Day on 3oth June. This ceremony took place with dignity and precision in High Town in Hereford.

A service to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the move to Hereford by The Royal National College for the Blind – 24th June 2018

A special civic service was held to celebrate this important landmark. Hereford is proud to be home for the Royal National College (RNC). As always, the Cathedral created, with the College, a beautiful and apt service for the occasion.

We are looking forward to a visit to the College during the year.

The Unveiling of the Sculpture Plinth at the Hereford Skate Park – 22nd June 2018

Wikipedia has a list of public art works in Herefordshire which is good but this new one at the Skate Park is not there!

The Skate Park Web-site does not feature it. We watched the skate-boarder perform ankle-twisting feats. They happily ignored the civic signatories unveiling the statue and who can blame them.

So I looked further and found a couple.

I can’t find a picture unencumbered by people in front of it or tools beside it during installation. I have chosen the latter.


It is beautiful and inspiring. This is one of a series of Art installations that will showcase the Hereford Arts College.